Perception In 'Don Quixote And Candide'

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Khalangi Gayle 12/01/2015 English 212 Final Paper René Descartes believed that we should consider the possibility that our perception sometimes deceives and misleads us, therefore should not be entirely trusted if we are going to make wise decisions in life. This theory or concept was both highlighted and confirmed in the stories of Don Quixote and Candide. Both stories emphasized a main character governed by their own perception of the world which led them to behave in certain ways that would seam unwise or even foolish to society. The main characters from the stories had a unique perception that differed from everybody else and these perceptions caused the characters to behave and to act in an unusual way that went against the norm. These perceptions also led the characters to make life decisions that often time led to failure. In the end, both characters realized that their perception of the world was wrong and that they were both deceived and mislead by this perception. This then confirms René Descartes theory that our perception should not be entirely trusted when making wise decisions in life.…show more content…
Don Quixote built this new perception of the world entirely based on books of chivalry and has also changed his whole behavior to fit this perception. René Descartes spoke about this and told us that our perception often times misleads us causing us to do actions that are not wise and in the novel, Don Quixote, the main character is a clear example of this. He was misled by his perception and this caused him to do a lot of foolish acts as the story

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