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Demon in the Freezer by Richard Preston is a book about anthrax terrorist attacks after September 11, 2001 and how small pox could potentially be used by bioterrorist and become a major treat to the world. As learned in class I could define small pox as a variola virus that forms pus filled blisters that form during the illness. It is very contagious and can spread through saliva. That means if a person talks, sneezes or coughs around someone the virus can be transmitted. An easy way to notice small pox is viewing the rash on the patient’s skin. From class I knew anthrax was the spread of the bacteria Bacillus anthracis which makes spores. You can be infected with anthrax if you come in contact with the spores. This means that it cannot be…show more content…
It is almost certain by Dr. Peter Jahrling that hostile states possess illegal stocks of the virus. Jahrling and a team of doctors rush to create effective vaccines incase the virus is released. Details are given regarding the dearth of Robert Stevens. An autopsy report showed anthrax within the body. It was suggested that the sudden death was due to an anthrax outbreak because there had been deaths in the past of anthrax being transmitted through the mail in envelopes. When the victim opens the envelope and then is exposed to the spores. Although there had only been eighteen cases of death due to anthrax in the past one hundred years the community was still frightened. Peter Los is not mentioned in the book. It took place in 1970 in West Germany. He became ill and was admitted into the hospital. Ten days after admission Los was diagnosed with small pox. Unfortunately the 10 days Los was in the hospital, the medical staff did not take proper safety precautions. Los survived but because small pox is so contagious it caused an epidemic which killed many people. The tragic event will forever be an example to notice the early signs and diagnose as soon as

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