Miles Davis: The Birth Of The Cool Jazz

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Miles Davis’ had many different type of styles he has performed when it came to jazz. The first style was Bebop, which was focused more on short melodies and a very fast tempos that performed against commercialism and big bands. Davis’ contributions consist of Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. Davis decided to drop out of one of the most famous music schools, which was Julliard then later, got hired by Charlie Parker and Dizzie in their band. Minton’s was where Bebop was born. Davis had some trouble reaching those high notes on the trumpet, but eventually his innovations started to perform a strong, emotional sound that everyone would enjoy listening to. Cool jazz started to show after Bebop. Cool jazz was a huge shock to bebop with its mellow sound, was complex, artistic, intellectual, and very abstract. Davis created the birth of cool, as known as cool jazz. The Birth of the Cool. The Cool Jazz was recorded by Davis in ‘49 and ’50. The musicians in the band were Miles Davis as trumpet, Gil Evans as a composer, and Gerry Mulligan as Bari sax and composer. Davis’ innovations were extremely elegant and…show more content…
This type of style had a few chords. The chords were not simple to Davis’ band since any member could go whatever direction they wanted to proceed. George Russell was Davis’ inspiration since he had many new ideas of music theory. For example, the Lydian Chromatic Concept created new ways of organizing sound, which lead to Model Jazz. “Kind of Blue” became one of Miles Davis best-selling Jazz albums. Davis’ band became the first Quintet, but had more band players. “Cannon” Adderley, who was one of the greatest post- Bird alto saxophonist and was a pioneer of Soul Jazz, which had a groove to Hard Bop. Bill Evans also joined and was a creative pianist. “Kind of Blue” was a huge commercial hit; even people who did not like jazz, this album would still be

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