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Theressa Le Instructor Tiffany DeRewal SlutWalk Annotated Bibliography 15 December 2014 SlutWalk: Positive Interpretations Doyle, Sady. "SlutWalk NYC: Real Empowerment, Corsets and All." In These Times. N.p., 11 Oct. 2011. Web. 11 Dec. 2014. In this article it explains that the movement may not be the future of feminism but it should be more scrutinized in a sense that things should be taken more seriously. Sady Doyle's thesis was that "SlutWalk is not only a feminist protest but the feminist protest" (Doyle). The article is written for the general public, but also for those who wants to know and get a better feel of what happens during SlutWalk movements. Sady Doyle gives details on what she experienced and observed during the movements…show more content…
According to The Washington Post, Zerlina Maxwell is a political analyst, speaker, lawyer, and writer. She writes about national politics and cultural issues including domestic violence, sexual assault, and gender inequality. This article strictly focuses on believing rape victims, and strongly believing in ethical actions towards rape culture. In this Article she explains that it is important to maintain a belief towards rape victims, disbelieving a survivor and believing a rapist should not be interrogated is biased. To support her claim she gives an example from a recent rape victim that happened at a university in Virginia. It is only ethical to listen to what she has to say and actually take action. A quote that stands out about taking rape victims seriously is "This is not a legal argument about what standards we should use in the courts; it's a moral one, about what happens outside the legal system" (Maxwell). “According to a 2002 study conducted by David Lisak at UMASS Boston, 90 percent of rapes on campus are committed by serial offenders who rape an average of six times. These people escape the rule of law—sometimes the perpetrator outlives the statute of limitations—and reinjure their victims.” Maxwell believes that, disbelieving women makes them seem worthless in society, and they feel disrespected as a human

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