The Pros And Cons Of NSA Spying

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NSA Spying: An Ethical Dilemma We will look into NSA and the programs they have set in place to collect information from people without their knowledge. First we will look into the program known as PRISM and discuss its capabilities and the ethical dilemma the program presents. Secondly we will look at the program known as AURORAGOLD and its capabilities as well as the ethical dilemma presented from this program. Lastly we will look at the NSA contractor Edward Snowden who was the whistleblower that reviled these programs and their capabilities. Was Snowden right in his decision to blow the whistle? Or should he be looked at as a traitor to the United States Government? Well that is for you to decide. In 2007 NSA employed the data mining program known as PRISM, without the knowledge of anyone it would be collecting data from. According to “PRISM enables "collection directly from the servers" of Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook and other online companies” (Lee). After reading this article it is hard to understand how NSA can ethically collect the personal information of people without their knowledge. NSA argues this data is collected as intelligence for the prevention of threats on our nation. Is our safety worth our privacy? Most…show more content…
citizens. In Contrast several people feel he needs to be arrested and tried for treason against his country, both opinions have excellent reasoning behind them. To support Snowden in his decision to blow the whistle on NSA spying, we will look at his moral obligation to the people that were being spied on unjustifiably. To Snowden it was an invasion of privacy to the utmost extreme, without any regard. The people that support Snowden’s decision all have a similar moral compass and look at him as a hero. This group wants to see the NSA pay for what they have done and shut down there mass data collection

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