The Book Four By Veronica Roth

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Here, he will not be called the name he was given at birth. Here, he will not let fear turn him into a scared and cowering child he once was. Can someone truly delete their past? Or will you never be able to leave your past behind? In the book Four by Veronica Roth, Tobias Eaton, (also known as Four) is born and raised in the Abnegation. His mother died when he was little and he was raised by his father who was abusive and beat him. When he took his test he was Abnegation, but he did not want to go through the daily beatings ,so he chose dauntless .After a few weeks at dauntless he gets a tattoo with all of the signs of the factions.Then two years later he falls in love with Tris (a girl from Abnegation) and he helps her in the fraction to survive the new tasks of dauntless.…show more content…
He is the son of Evelyn Johnson and Marcus Eaton. Alongside Lauren (instructor of Dauntless-born initiates), he is the instructor of the transfer initiates. He becomes the love interest of Tris Prior later on in the first book of the trilogy. Four Impresses the addence by saving the Abnegation faction, saving Tris from Peter, who is actally a really bad guy, from throwing her off a chasm, and saves Tris once again from a fight. As the story goes on Four is always being reminded about his family and his past. He finds true love along with many trails and

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