Immigrants Abuse In Taiwan

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There have been more and more immigrants flooding into Taiwan these days, according to statistics of National Immigration Agency. Unlike most of the countries though, an overwhelming number of immigrants move to Taiwan due to marriage. This year, the number has reached to five hundred thousand people. Taiwan is an extremely homogeneous country, with ninety eight percent of ethnically Han Chinese and two percent of Taiwanese aboriginals. The boost of immigrants has quite significantly changed the population composition of the country. Since the 1970s, immigrants have grown to approximately five hundred thousand people, over numbering the largest non-Chinese group. With more immigrant parents, hybrid kids are also taking up much larger percentage comparing to the era before the 1970s. Former researches in the west believe that the original society feels threatened that the immigrants are not capable of blending in.(Simcox, 1997) Once faced with foreign people, they develop stronger division between my group and others, furthermore strengthening the in-group-out-group favorism(Judd and Park 1988). That is, immigrants make the people feel threatened and become defensive. The contact make them believe that they are the best compared to the invading people. The minority…show more content…
Though the abuse they face are the same, the reason that causes the pain of abuse are different. Chinese are discriminated and isolated due to the special history between Taiwan and China after Chinese civil war. Therefor the resolution to the abuse chinese immigrants face is different than the south east Asian ones. This paper focus on the specific creation of resentment towards Southeast Asian brides as well as the isolation and problems they then face. In the end we also bring out our social enterprise proposal to solve this

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