Psychology: Comparative, Physiology, And Inherent

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The Biological perspective focuses on three areas which are Comparative, Physiology and Inherent. The Comparative method can be used to compare two different types of animal or plants. The Physiology method goes more in depth into how the anatomy can function. The Inherent method is who and what we had received to be who we are. ( The Comparative method uses observation to understand how two different subjects or specimens either interact or do not interact. This method gives us an insight on how to understand each in their own way throughout history. ( The Physiological method explores the more pin-point parts…show more content…
Being in a controlled environment watching for how we act, talk and associate with objects and or other people. This perspective does not really focus on emotions from within one’s self, but mainly what is shown from the outside. The person itself does not have a choice of how they feel. This is all determined on the location of where they are currently present. Behaviour perspective also believes that when we are born we have no memories or psychological data. This being said that they also believe that there is very little difference between humans and animals which also can be taught in similar ways. This allows the researchers to conduct tests on either animals or humans to achieve results.…show more content…
In 1902 Pavlov noticed that when he went into a room to feed the dogs they started to produce saliva. This peaked his interest and began to start an experiment. Pavlov started by first bringing the dog food with no other distraction and measured the amount of saliva the dog produce. Once he had set a base line, Pavlov then started to ring a bell at first then proceeded to feed the dog. After a while Pavlov started to ring the bell but not feed the dog. The dog’s response was that it started to salivate. After a while the dog stopped salivating since no food was presented to him. Pavlov had a break through from the fact that the dog had learned that the bell meant food, which reversed after a while when no food had been presented.

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