Animal Cruelty In America

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America, Animal cruelty has been an ongoing battle and it will still be an ongoing battle till it has stopped completely. Since 1863 people have been fighting to take action against man’s inhumanity towards animals. On April 10, 1866 the charter for the ASPCA was passed and nine days later, an anti-cruelty law was also passed. But still to this day people continue to abuse and mistreat animals. There needs to be more laws against animal abuse and more caution when letting people adopt animals. Animal cruelty, often viewed with subdued interest, is perhaps the most neglected fact on a humanitarian level (Nakate). Animal cruelty is categorized into two types: passive cruelty and active cruelty. Passive cruelty is the unintentional cruelty that animals face as a result of careless and neglectful owners. Active cruelty is the more threatening of the two types. It is the deliberate harming or even killing of animals. The main type of cruelty used is active cruelty. More than one hundred million animals suffer and die every year in chemical, cosmetic, food, and drug tests.…show more content…
Even more cases including those that are never reported to law enforcement never make media headlines (“Animal Cruelty”). On a daily basis, the HSUS, local animal shelters and local animal control deal with a onslaught of animal abuse cases ranging from neglected and chained animals to gruesome, violent attacks on animals (“Animal Cruelty”). Although a national reporting system for animal abuse cases does not exist, media reports of animal abuse cases propose that animal abuse is widespread across the United States (“Animal Cruelty”). In media reported animal cruelty cases, dogs are the most common victims of animal cruelty. Pit Bulls in particular account for an increasing percentage of victimized animals (“Animal
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