Classical Conditioning Case Study

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1b During Pavlov’s intriguing experiment on dogs that included the testing of the animal and concluded with the stunning discovery of classical conditioning. Notably, When Pavlov rang a bell and brought food, it made it clear to the dog that once he heard the sound of the bell and smelled the sense of the food that he would be fed.While Pavlov kept doing this process over and over again, it leads to once he rang just the bell, the dog would know that food has arrived. Normally, in this experiment, the food would just be the unconditioned stimulus and the bell would be the unconditioned response. So, when Pavlov kept ringing the bell, it turned that object from an unconditioned response to a conditioned stimulus and the sound of it would make the dog salivate for the food, thus the form of Classical Conditioning was born.…show more content…
For example, I was running advertisement for a video game company, and during this campaign, the viewer would witness me with the sounds of the enjoyment and emotions of happiness that can be seen throughout my face while I play that certain video game. The unconditioned response would be the sounds of the video game and later would become the conditioned stimulus. Notably, I would try to convince the people viewing this campaign that playing video games would bring happiness, thus making people try out it out and purchase that certain game to discover its' true value of happiness that it can bring to

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