Native Culture In Apocalypto

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Apocalypto is an American epic adventure film by Mel Gibson produced in 2006 whose dialogue is a current estimate of the ancient language of the setting. The film uses Yucatec Maya language with English and other language subtitles. The setting is in Pre-Columbian Yucatan and Guatemala reflecting the events, which took place around 1511, while it depicts the journey of a Mesoamerican tribesman. The leading actor, a black person from the Maya people, has to escape human sacrifice and save his family from the seizure and destruction of his village before Maya civilization ends. Gibson introduces black individuals who act to reveal the native cultural activities of the community such as hunting and home round fire stories, primitive cultural aspects, before the brown actors who represent the supreme Hispanic community invade and disorient the whole village and killing of the chief who is the leading actor’s father. The brown actors then massacre the other black characters of the community members while taking into captive healthy men including the main…show more content…
In the movie, the producer portrays Jaguar Paw as an utterly blood thirsty and evil character who can do anything to save his family and village. In the film, despite his father’s advice to stay away from it, Paw pursues the path of saving his people. At the beginning, before the raid, Jaguar Paw and other men torture his brother Blunted emotionally by giving his animal testicles as a reminder that Blunted and his wife are not able to bear children. In a dream by a little girl, Paw is the Jaguar that will be born of earth and mud and will save the village against their invaders. His journey towards saving his family and village was filled with evil and a lot of bloodsheds. He killed Cut Rock who killed his brother Blunted, Middle Eye and his men. He is depicted as a barbaric person who enjoys the killing of others to save

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