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Beowulf v. Achilles Have you ever read a poem with an “epic hero” in it? If not then you’re in luck to learn a little about two “epic heroes.” Beowulf is from 500 A.D, and Achilles is from 800 B.C. Beowulf fought monsters like Dragons and a strange giant that could carry thirty men all at once. Achilles fought men to be remembered in the near future, but he would only be remembered if he died in battle. Beowulf and Achilles fulfill the role of “epic hero,” because of their strength, fearless, and an outstanding commitment. “Epic heroes” have incredible strength. So incredible that they can pick up anything without having any trouble doing so. From lines three thirty six to three thirty eight “the victory, for the proof, hanging high from the rafters where Beowulf had hung it, was the monster’s arm, claw and shoulder and all.” He had the strength to fight off the monster and took pieces of what was left from his body and hung it up in the halls of the Danes.…show more content…
By being fearless they can fight against anything and everything. And for being fearless they keep their people safe. In the Iliad Achilles goes to Hectors home to take revenge for his best friend’s death. A quote from the Iliad showing fearless is “if hector does not feel my bettering spear tear the life out of him, making him pay in his own blood for the slaughter of Patroclus..” and again saying fearlessly “May it come quickly.” Achilles is saying that he’s going to take revenge against Hector for killing his best friend even if it meant that either he or Hector was

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