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The Rage Built Up Within So much hatred and rage built up within can make a man go insane; at some point everyone has to let their rage out. When someone is filled with rage, it takes total control of him or her both mentally and physically and in most cases, they do something drastic. In the Shakespeare play Hamlet; the main character’s father is murdered by his uncle. This causes Hamlet to be completely overwhelmed with rage, and he begins to become insane and lose total control of his actions. He becomes so obsessed with Claudius and getting revenge for his father’s death that he ends up harming himself and the people he loves around him. Hamlet’s rage affects him by harming the people he loves, corrupting his good judgment, and harming…show more content…
Hamlet is so dominated by his own animosity towards Claudius that he hurts everyone around him, especially Ophelia. In the play while Hamlet confronts his mother in a hostile manner, Ophelia’s father calls for help and Hamlet kills him thinking that it is Claudius. Gertrude exclaims, “Gertrude. What wilt thou do? Thou wilt not murther me? Help, help, ho! Polonius. [behind] What, ho! help, help, help! Hamlet. [draws] How now? a rat? Dead for a ducat, dead! Polonius. [behind] O, I am slain! Gertrude. O me, what hast thou done? Hamlet. Nay, I know not. Is it the King?” (Hamlet 3.4) Hamlet is so blinded by his obsession with Claudius that he believes Claudius is actually hiding behind the curtains, even though it is not possible for him to be there. Hamlet then takes out his sword and stabs the curtain, and it turns out to be Ophelia’s father. This ruins Ophelia, and leads to her losing her mind and her life as well. Gertrude comes bearing the bad news, “Gertrude. One woe doth tread upon another's heel, So fast they follow. Your sister's drown'd, Laertes.” (Hamlet 4.7) This hurts Hamlet so much, because he loved her and feels responsible for her death. Rage can harm the people that someone cares about most in the

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