Diversity In Health And Social Care Essay

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Diversity What is diversity? Diversity basically means that everyone’s not the same and everyone is different in their own way. Diversity is really important to be emphasised when working in a health and social care environment, because not everyone is the same age, ethnicity, or has the same mobility as everybody else, some service users may find it hard to do things where as some people may find that easier to do, not everybody is the same and thinks the same diversity should be more emphasised in a health setting. What is equality? Description: Equality means that everybody is equal in their own way equality should be more emphasised in a health and social care setting, because for example if some ones is getting treated badly and unfairly due to equality, it is not fair on the residents and…show more content…
If your employer is a public authority, they must follow the principles of the Human Rights Act. The Human Rights Act The Human Rights Act is based on the European Convention on Human Rights and adds protection for workers' rights and freedoms. Provisions within the Act deal with work-related matters. If you work in the public sector, it's unlawful for your employer to violate your human rights under the Convention, unless an Act of Parliament means it has no choice. If your employer isn't a public authority you can't make a claim against your employer for a breach of your human rights. However, human rights law has been incorporated into general employment law and applies to all employers, like the right not to be discriminated against because of your sexuality, for example. Any decision by an Industrial Tribunal must follow the principles laid out in the Convention. Acts that are in place to help you feel comfortable in work • Equality Act • Race Relations Act • Sex Discrimination • Disability Discrimination Act • Human Rights Act Some Relevant rights • Discrimination in
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