Moon Landing Conspiracy Essay

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MOON LANDING CONSPIRACY Some people think that the U.S.A’s moon landing was fake. Some people think he moon landing was real. do you think they really went to the moon. today we’re going to discuss the U.S.A’s journey in 1969. Personally i think it was faked. It’s too much evidence to think it’s real. I think they wanted to be titled the first humans on the moon so they faked going to the i am going to show you the reason why i believe the moon landing was faked. For starters i think it’s crazy how in the start of the race to see who would get to the moon first the U.S.A was losing at the beginning of the race at somehow they magically caught up and won. Secondly how are they filming on the moon if the surface gets hot enough to melt…show more content…
In the 1960’s the U.S.A was at war in vietnam some people like me think it was faked as a way to distract people from the way. On the way to the moon the astronauts would have to travel through areas of space that have very high levels of cosmic radiation it’s more than likely they would not survive. the moon lander had a large rocket on the bottom to slow down it’s landing and allow it to touch slowly. why didn’t the force of the rocket blast a crater into the under the lander. if there is no air on the moon why does the flag look like it’s blowing in the wind. before astronauts trained in a fake moonlike environment could the moon landing just be filmed in a studio on earth similar to the fake moon environment. the astronauts supposedly brought back samples of moon rocks back with them experts say the rocks must have come from the moon but could the rocks be meteorites. when they were on the moon there were absolutely no stars visible.J.F.K promised to get a man to the moon by the end of the 1990’s, some people think it was impossible to get a man to the moon at that time so it was faked to prevent

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