Diverse Workforce Diversity

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Communication is essential in a workplace as it is the backbone of productivity and relationships for the success of the organization (Mayhew, 2010). It is therefore necessary to evaluate ways on how to improve communication effectiveness especially in diverse workforce. Communication in a diverse workforce requires understanding on how different persons perceive communication. Communication is very critical in maintaining good relations at work and it is quite difficult to modify the type of communication that is already in place. Employers need to establish communication channels considering the different communication preferences of the workforce. These misunderstanding can lead to poor office relations and misinterpretations that can damage…show more content…
In managing diverse workforce, the leaders should communicate. The changing workforce is one of the challenges faced by organisations in the recent past and most companies are not giving lip services as far as workforce diversity is concerned (Wentling, 2000). Additional benefits are also realized when the leadership of a firm is diverse. Effective methods of leadership development can enhance organizational productivity, profitability, and responsiveness to performance if applied to a good number of persons in an organisation. The leaders are expected to communicate the strategies and talk about the business goals and achievements in relation to the management of workforce diversity for the success of the strategies identified and the company as a whole (McArthur, 2010). Other initiatives that leaders can adopt as shared by Wentling (2000) include having nontraditional work arrangements that can allow extra time and homework stations, training programs that aim to reduce stereotypes, increased cultural sensitivity within the company and developing programs that develop skills for working in a multicultural

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