Deer Hunt Research Paper

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Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! It’s 4:00 A.M. and my alarm suddenly wakes me up. It’s the first day of shotgun deer season in Illinois. I have hunted in these woods many times before without the trace of a deer so my hopes for success weren’t all that high to begin with, which made getting out of bed a little more difficult. I then do all my morning tasks such as, brushing my teeth, showering, and eating breakfast. Around 4:30, Dad and I get in his truck and head to the woods. Where we hunt is about a forty-five minute drive so we get to the woods around 5:15. We then walk to our stands and begin our sit. It was still dark outside when we got there so we used the cover of darkness to sneak to our stands and we patiently waited for the sun to rise. When the sun finally did come up, the birds began to chirp, the squirrels ran around, and the temperature slowly began to rise. The woods seemed to come to life with the flick of a switch and many more…show more content…
This time, I decided to take my nap after I got in the tree stand. That’s not exactly the best way to see deer! I guess my early mornings were catching up with me. Anyway, I woke after my 30 minute cat nap to the sound of leaves crackling, but again, it was only a bird. A bit more time passes, approximately an hour or so, and still nothing. At this point, I am beginning to get a little discouraged. About that time, I see two deer come from behind a tree without a care in the world. One was a small doe, and one was a large one. They approached me and got about 50 yards away from me. I slowly raised my gun as calmly and steadily as possible to try to get a shot at the larger one. As I got her in my sights, she turned her head in my direction, but she never saw me. I slowly squeezed the trigger, and the gun fired. I saw her jerk around slightly, run 30 yards, and drop. Yes! I nailed her!! What an adrenaline rush! This was the feeling

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