Doctor Mackee Case Summary

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Dr. Mackee always had his physiological needs before and after his sickness. Safety: security of: body, employment, resources, morality, family, health, property. Before his sickness Dr. MacKee must have thought he was bulletproof because of his job as a heart surgeon. He had security of everything until he got sick, then he felt as if his world was crumbling down around him. After he was diagnosed with cancer he felt that his job was at risk because the other doctors were doing things without his consent also because his friend, Dr. Kaplan told him that he should just go home and rest. His relationship with his family was always a bit awkward because it seemed like him and his son were not really that close with a each other, and him and his wife seemed like a normal married couple. His morals before and after the cancer were very different. Before his sickness Dr. MacKee wouldn’t really care for how his patients would feel. He wasn’t concerned for their feelings or their worries he just wanted to do his job. Once he was being treated as a patient and not a doctor he started to open his eyes and realize that patients have feelings as well as he does, and that they should be acknowledged and treated with respect. After the cancer he started treating everyone with respect.…show more content…
Dr. MacKee’s friendship with the other doctors changed once he realized that the way he treated people before his illness was wrong, because he realized that you should treat patients with respect and not joke about them. We see this in a scene where he has all his interns pretend to be patients so that they will not become the way Dr. MacKee once

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