Workplace Diversity Case Study

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Introduction In the era of technology, world become smaller. Smartphones and other mobile devices make company can more easily contract with each other so it let globalization has become more common and it let economic develop faster, all countries exchange economic, political or cultural are become closer. After that, Global division of labor is important on every company because it can rational allocation of resources. However, when globalization become more common, society more advance it will let our world demographics becoming more diverse so all company must prevent about diversity influences happen because diversity have benefit and challenge and it is unavoidable. Definition Diversity easy to understand meaning is differences. Normal…show more content…
First at all, diversity in the workplace benefit is it can increase adaptability because diverse workforce can provide more different of solutions to solve the problem in the workplace such as service. Diversity best point of interest in the workplace is have different experience, co-worker with multiple cultural backgrounds can bring perceptions to the engagement team. Concentrated diverse co-worker skills and knowledge can improve engagement team performance, can complementary with the co-worker and can learn their culture to know they living habit and contraindications. After that, business benefit of diversity in the workplace is the company have new attitudes. Different culture will think different things which are most important in the project. For example, Americans may need to consider embracing the point of view different societies have about time.…show more content…
An ant to move, move cannot afford to move, two ants to move, the body sway to and fro, three ant to move, gently carried into the hole. We can look this two story is different result, three monks is a team but they thirst because they didn’t teamwork. However, three ant to easily carried things into the hole because they cooperation of the result. These days, with the advance technology era, technology, knowledge constantly innovation, the company competitive is very fierce, increase diverse workplace needs of the community so when company want to take the preemptive opportunities must have diverse workplace to let employee have large space to show because we early got mention it. However, diverse workplace also have many challenge for the company. First at all is hard to successful management diversity workplace, when diverse workplace they each member of worker are different country so they communication is a big problem for them because they culture, language and so on. This issue didn’t do well will let employee confusion and lack of teamwork and low morale. Second is hard to implementation of diversity in workplace policies because diversity member have different culture and living habit so when making policy must consider all employee can accept area. Company also hard to know each employee advantage and disadvantage because they working style are different so

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