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Karli Timm ENG 102: CRN: 11461 Compare/Contrast Essay 15 May 2015 There Is Not Always A Happy Ending Fairy tales are those stories told to children all over the world that give them a person to look up to and be like and work the children’s creative little minds. The little girls always want to be the princess and the boys all want to be the strong hero that a saves the innocent bystanders. The animated fairy tale movies that are known by many all over the world today have changed quite significantly from the gruesome versions that were written by the Grimm Brothers. Their stories have quite a horrific and gory take on the stories seen now that contain a happy ending. The Grimm Brothers version of The Little Mermaid and the Disney version…show more content…
The youngest daughter wants to see and be with the humans and goes to the sea witch to get legs. The girl falls in love with the prince and acquires the legs from the sea witch in order to see and meet him in exchange for her voice. The Little Mermaid script has a part where Ursula says that she is not asking for much but just wants her voice and Ariel agrees just so that she can be with the man she loves even if she can not talk to him. In the story and the movie, the little mermaid makes a deal with the sea witch to be able to walk on land. They both say that if the man she loves marries someone else that the mermaid will never get her voice back and will live in agony for the rest of her life away from her true love. “If the man you love marries someone else, you will not be able to turn into a mermaid again”(Tales). By using the same plot line, it keeps true to the original version without having the struggle of a massive rewrite of the story and the task of coming up with an original movie…show more content…
Where the Disney movie shows that Ursula, the sea witch, turns herself into a pretty lady worthy for a prince, the Grimm brothers version tells the reader that it is a strange lady from another land that he believes saved him from drowning in the sea. After Sirenetta had saved the prince from drowning in the water in the Grimm brothers version, she placed him just off shore hoping that he would be found. The person who finds him though, ends up being a stunning woman that the prince sees when he regains consciousness. He immediately falls in love with her for saving his life and when Sirenetta finds out about this she becomes discouraged knowing that she will never have his heart as long as this strange woman was around. When the woman had gone back to her own land, Sirenetta finally thought she had a chance at winning the heart of the prince until the woman ship returns to the prince’s castle. “…a huge ship was sighted sailing into the harbor. Together with Sirenetta, the prince went down to meet it. And who stepped from the vessel, but the unknown lady…”(Tales). Disney’s The Little Mermaid shows Scuttle, the seagull, flying over the boat that the sea witch and the prince are on and, upon seeing Ursula disguised as the pretty lady, began to shout to Ariel hoping to get her attention and tell her that the sea witch is hiding herself and trying to get in the way of

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