King Lear And Things Fall Apart

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When the word marriage comes to mind, society often thinks of it as a pleasant event. However, in the play King Lear by William Shakespeare and Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, the concept of marriage is very different than what society believes. For instance, Cordelia from King Lear and Okwonko from Things Fall Apart have marriages that are different from one and another, culturally and personally. Cordelia is the third daughter of King Lear, whom is favored by him. The play started out when King Lear told his three daughters to express their love for him. Whoever flatters him the most would get the most property of his kingdom. Cordelia’s sisters flattered Lear enormously, while Cordelia, refuses to comply. She simply told her father,…show more content…
The relationship between father and daughter is broken, hence setting in motion the disaster that follows. Lear puts in place a rivalry between sisters that later lead to their deaths. Moreover, when Lear told Burgundy how Cordelia’s “price is fallen” (I.I.202). Burgundy’s answer was “I have no answer” (207). This shows Duke of Burgundy only wanted to marry Cordelia because of her property more than just ordinary love. During the Elizabethan era, authority plays a big role. If one does not have authority, they would be viewed as worthless. Similarly, in Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo’s father is viewed as worthless because he was a lazy man who made no contribution to the tribe and owed lots of…show more content…
For instance, Cordelia stated she would share her love in half with the father and King of France, “Half my love with him, half my care and duty” (103). Her “duty” in this case was to help King of France to get his authority, hence the “bond” between Lear and France. However, King of France left Cordelia at the end. Aside from being abandoned by husband and father, Cordelia is the epitome of goodness. Although she was a tragic character, she is loving, caring, and intelligent. She reunited with her father at the end and her natural goodness lets her forgive her father. However, Cordelia does not certainly represent the women in the society because of her honesty and stubbornness. In the beginning, she resists her father’s demand and refused to give all her love to her father. Yet towards the end, her independence tends to disappear and became an obedient daughter of

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