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Discourse Community Map Response The human is a social being by nature. From the beginning of times, the human being has had the necessity to communicate. As a consequence, communication has evolved along with the human throughout history. From prehistoric paintings and hieroglyphics to the 21st century cybernetic era, communication has been continuously progressing. However, the purpose is always the same. To share ideas, emotions, create and foment relationships and discourse communities. People that share a common goal, audience, genre, lexis, and guidelines compose a discourse community. Everyone belongs to a discourse community. They are essential in our life. They define who we are. One of the most significant discourse communities I belong to is being a full-time enrolled student at the University of Texas at El Paso. Every single student shares the same goal, to graduate. From elementary school, high school, college, or a doctorate, graduating is the essential goal of a scholar. In my case graduating does not meet my expectations. Graduating with excellence and an outstanding GPA is the ultimate goal.…show more content…
A community with the common goal of looking good, feeling good, and helping others achieve their goals. Friends, family, and people who seek fitness help are the audience. Workout videos, emails, texting, and social media are the genres used in this extensive community. These genres make the goals possible. However, the guidelines that have to be followed will definitely lead to success. Following routines, to change and vary routines when needed, follow a diet, no days off, and no excuses are the guidelines that have to be done. Exercise names such as: deadlift, bench press, cable flyes, squats, or lat pulldowns, are the type of lexis that are used in the community. By paying the gym membership and promising that hard work will be their second name, a person is able to join this discourse

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