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To many, how one band or person is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opposed to another great is something that is questioned by all who feel that their favorite artist should have been inducted instead of the other. There is quite heap of controversy following who, how, and why certain artists are inducted and others are not. Hopefully, one day there will be a clear cut definition of what makes a band Rock and Roll Hall of Fame worthy and what makes an artist lesser of that stature. The band in question today is Parliament Funkadelic, otherwise known as “P Funk.” First, the induction process and the requirements of the rock and roll hall of fame must be made clear. The only formal requirement for being inducted into the rock and…show more content…
Some criteria includes the influence and significance of the artists’ contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll. To break that down, they look at who the artist has inspired in the sense of other artists who create music. It means that they are also looking for originality that helps change the game of music and sets the artist apart from others who are deemed just as talented in some way or another. For P. Funk’s case, that was their ambition and determination to establish funk and make funk a legitimate genre of music such as jazz or…show more content…
Funk had on the music industry and why they most certainly fulfill this specific requirement, one must listen to what other greats of the time, and those who came shortly after, have to say about this band. Prince is quoted for saying “He’s been an influence on me and everyone I know,” he being George Clinton who is the lead singer in P. Funk and the mastermind behind the band. For Prince to come out and say this about a group, when Prince himself is a musical genius, is a huge deal to many of that generation. Not only that but to think about how many people Prince knows in the music industry and to think of the cosmic scale of influence P. Funk had on many artists during their prime. Prince was also directly influenced to record his record Erotic City the same night as he attended one of many P. Funk’s shows. Parliament Funkadelic is often referred to as the father of modern music. Even though James Brown is given the title father of funk, George Clinton is the chief architect and tactician. P. Funk forever changed the way people thought about music. From the way music sounded and how it as to be made, P. Funk holds much credit for why it is done in such a manner. P. Funk virtually defined the melting-pot known as funk: a melding of R&B, jazz, gospel, and psychedelic

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