Creativity Vs Creativity Essay

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Creativity is a unique comprehensive ability of human beings. Creativity refers to the ability to produce new ideas, discover and create new things. For example, creating new concepts and new theories, updating technology, inventing new equipment and new methods, and creating new works are all the manifestations of creativity. Intelligence refers to people's general mental ability and the ability of people to understand the objective things and use knowledge and experience to solve problems, including memory, observation, imagination, thinking, judgment and so on . Now many professors devote to research what extent are creativity and intelligence linked, what their relationship. Intelligence depends largely on innate factors, and creativity…show more content…
As said before, many people who have high intelligence will show more creativity, but some people who have high intelligence also have less creativity. We can know some report from news that some kids have high intelligence and shock the professor, but finally these kids also have no any achievement, just like average person. What is the reason that although someone who has high intelligence have no creativity? Because intelligence is not the only factor that people have high creativity. Creativity is a diversified thing, sometimes you observe or discovery something new, which doesn’t mean you are a smart person, you may just see that because of your interest. Guilford (1967) had done a research, he discovered that there was less correlation at above-average levels of intelligence between intelligence and creativity. When intelligence reaches a critical point, personality factors become more predictive for creativity (Jauk et al, 2013). It means that there are also some factors which will affect creativity when intelligence cannot offer some help. Non-intelligence factors include objective, interest, emotion, willpower, individuality and so on. Non-intelligence factors have dynamic, directional, guiding, sustaining, regulating and strengthening functions in human activities. All this factor will take effect in creativity, at this time your high intelligence may not be shown. Batey and Furnham (2006) said,

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