Kirra Beach Case Study

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Kirra beach is an excellent place with great surfing conditions for beginners to experienced board riders. Kirra is also extremely good for fishing and boating. Kirra is a stunning place with crystal clear waters and fine- white sand, the beach is extremely popular with tourists. If the government built a wave pool at Kirra, there would be much more tourism and employment opportunities for the local community. The issue is whether they should build a surf pool even though it will produce more tourism it is not beneficial for the beach. The locals wouldn’t want a surf pool as it will destroy the beach and view that they enjoy every. This report is going to argue whether we should build a wave pool at Kirra or not. 2.0 LOCATION Kirra beach is located 101 km south east of Brisbane. It takes 1 hour and 13…show more content…
The Groyne is 9.8m high (Northern Side), 9.3m (Southern Side). The Kirra Groyne has some negative and positive factors. The Kirra groyne is exposed to erosion and is very anaesthetic to look at. There are also a lot of beach houses and units this will increase when there is a surf pool built. (Year 10 Geo booklet, 2014) The Land uses at Kirra Beach are parks for kids and gym equipment for adults as they walk or run along the beach. They have built many motels, holiday houses and a variety of different service based companies that are there for the needs of residence (Pizza Hut, Coles, 7 eleven, coffee shops). Dwelling Types at Kirra consist of units, beach houses, small townhouses and rental houses. There is plenty of visible construction at Kirra. Kirra beach has a population of 4, 764 and has a land area of 181 hectares. The Population density is 26.34 persons per hectare. (, 2014) The demographic characteristics of Kirra are: • Population size • Occupancy type • Average

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