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Advantages and Disadvantages of living in Tampa Bay Everyone loves warm weather, beaches and cocktails but there are also disadvantages of living in the sunny city Tampa. Whether you are visiting or looking for a permanent stay I’ll inform you on what to enjoy and what some may say are irrelevant issues about the city when there’s a majority of good things. I’ll let you decide for yourself. Starting with the advantages, I will explain the good things about Tampa. First it’s fine dining, the best seafood straight from the gulf. You can sit and eat the fish while staring at the beautiful ocean it just came from. Being near beaches at all times is a plus, small grain sand is soft on your toes and the sound of the waves is always calming. Water activities like jet skiing, boating,…show more content…
They say that America is the melting pot but Tampa, Florida truly is a mixture of many cultures. Which can be a very good thing but also causes a lot of different beliefs and people tend to butt heads. Moving on to tourists, they simply don’t understand how to drive the city’s streets mostly the U-turns they just don’t seem to understand them at all. Another kind of human beings in Tampa and all of Florida is the snowbirds. The older folk that go up north for summer but come back to Florida in the winter. Roads can get very hectic with the tourists and snowbirds in town. If you have a teenager learning how to drive or are one it can be very scary on these roads. Now going on to being in the 18-25 year old range the party night life scene can be dangerous especially when you’re juggling college and work. Staying focused and being able to manage your time well is your only hope if you love drinking with friends and dance music. If you can keep up with fast pace life style, different cultures, and not having a winter then I’m sure you would be able to not let the disadvantage’s get to you too

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