Psychopathy And Crime

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Psychopathy traits increase the risk of criminal behaviour as well as drug abuse. Psychopathy provides a theoretical and practical challenge to criminal law and the criminal justice system in general because psychopaths are at disproportionate risk for persistent criminal behavior, their criminal conduct appears to be primarily the product of a mental disorder, and there seems little efficacious treatment. Before discussing about the psychopathy and crime first of all it is essential to know what is psychopath behaviour? Or who are Psychopaths? Psychopaths are persons who have no sense of guilt and also of no sense of right and wrong. It is very difficult for them to form relations with other persons and they cannot empathize with other persons.…show more content…
Interpersonally, these individuals are described as grandiose and self-centered; they come across as having an exaggerated sense of self-importance and tend to blame others for their failures and shortcomings. They readily take advantage of others using charm, manipulation, and deception. Their emotion tends to be shallow and insincere. They experience little guilt or remorse when they harm other. They have pronounced lack of empathy and are described as callous and cold. They are also described as being fearless and tend to be more reckless and take risks in several domains. They have diminished concerned about punishment, physical injury, or social repercussions. Psychopaths are impulsive and seek reward and novelty. In life they are often irresponsible and fail to make appropriate life plans. They tend to have a volatile temperament and can easily become irritable and hostile. They show disregard for social norms and frequently engage in behaviour that would be considered immoral to most. The observation that this “constellation” of traits could be identified in individuals again and again, albeit in different forms, led to the idea that these traits represent a single…show more content…
He described the group of patients with mani sans delire (insanity without delirium). This term describe individuals with intellectual problems such as cruelty, anti social acts, drug abuse, irresponsibility etc. J.L.A. Koch who was a German psychiatrist coined the term psychopastiche or psychopath in 1888. According to Koch reason of psychopathy is defect in one’s constitution of birth. In early 1990s constitutional psychopathic became a popular disorder in literature. In order to accurately characterized the psychopathic traits in an individual, Koach recognized to do a holistic appraisal of patient’s life history. i. Causes of Psychopathy: The psychologist are of the view that some childhood factors may also leads to the development of psychopathic personality, such as having an emotionally unstable parent, lack of love during childhood and inconsistent discipline or in other words ineffective child rearing, neglect of child, young depressed mother, absentee father, experience a sudden separation from parent etc can be the reasons of deviant behaviour of the

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