Advantages Of Shot Peening

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“Surface is the first layer of defence” whether the concern is livings or non livings. It has been known since long time that protecting or enhancing the surface will improve the performance of various objects. The motive is same for most of the surface treatment techniques for metals and alloys. The surface treatment technique ranges from low cost simple painting to sophisticated sputtering and nano scale manipulations. Since the first layer which interact with the outer environment is the surface, enhancing or protecting the surface inhibits the corrosion susceptibility, initiation of crack in the form of notches, holes or voids and finally the failure of the component. Failure of components before the expected life time is reported as a major setback in industry as well as automobile sectors. Sometimes there is failure without any…show more content…
Shot peening is purely a cold working process in which surface of the component is bombarded with tiny spherical media of diameter 0.05 mm to 1 mm called shots [7]. This will create small dimples on the surface. The main advantage of shot peening is its low cost and successful industrial application. The method also has some disadvantages such as the physical contact between the specimen surface and bombarding ball causes higher surface roughness to the component, which will be more severe in the case of soft materials and the process is not advisable if surface finish is mandatory. The accessibility of shots in the case of components having complex geometry is another difficulty in performing shot peening. Optimization of shot peening process has been developed by selecting suitable shot velocity, size, angle of incident, overlapping of shots through various experimental and simulation works. LOW PLASTICITY

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