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Humans have always been willing to uncover things for themselves and one of their greatest discoveries were the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Egypt had been one of the greatest empires before powerful foreign countries had attacked it, but before that, they made extraordinary buildings, treasures, and inventions. There were times when Egypt seems to be failing but overall it flourished for a long period of time. Some of the things humans discovered about Egypt was the mighty Queen Hatshepsut, the mummies and how they were made, the pyramids and what they used to fight. Queen Hatshepsut was born in 1508 B.C. Being the only daughter of King Thutmose she was anticipated to be queen, so when her father died when she was only 12, she married her half-brother Thutmose II and was queen. After 15 years Thutmose II died leaving Hatshepsut with her daughter and baby boy. Since the boy, Thutmose III, was only a baby, Hatshepsut took his place until he was old enough to rule egypt. Hatshepsut stayed like this for a period of time and eventually became pharaoh (1479 B.C). She began to dress up like a man to show that she had authority over egypt not because to trick her people into thinking that she was a man. Hatshepsut’s way up to power was because of…show more content…
The first step of mummification was washing the body with palm wine and water from the Nile. The next step was to remove the internal organs as they were known to decompose first (they would later on be dried, wrapped, and put into canopic jars) and the brain seemed useless to the Egyptians so it was thrown away. After removing the organs, they packed the body in natron to dry out any fluid or rags would be saved and be buried with the body. Later on, the dried body would be washed with water and rubbed with oil to keep it life-like. The last step of the embalming was to stuff the body with sawdust, leaves, and other

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