My Narrative Story: My Struggles

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My Struggles This narrative is going to be about my struggle story, seeing how I believe everyone has one during their teenage years, mine however is a lot different than most. It is relatively disappointing and sad for me, and I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else. I have lived in 5 different houses during a ten-year period of time, and most of them were very nice and in safe, social neighborhoods. I was doing very good in school, I was in the Honor Roll and the GATE Program (Gifted and Talented Education), I had quite a few friends and I was pretty happy. Then one day all of that got washed away when my parents told me the big news. We were moving again, and at first, I thought that we were just going to move to another city and that I could still be with my friends, but my parents…show more content…
When I first started attending school here, my grades plummeted and four years later they haven’t come back up, at least not in any school here. My parents keep moving me to different schools, thinking that it will help. But nothing has worked besides Penn Foster. I had a very difficult time at my first school, where the teachers started slacking off and didn’t really help the students. I never received any especial help with the language either. I had to retake two subjects, coincidentally the same subjects taught by the slacker teachers. My second school was a nice private international school where I had to retake Spanish, however I could not continue going because of traffic constraints. So, I had to go to a local public school and I have to say I am amazed to see how little the government takes care of their public education system. Some teachers don’t show up for class for weeks and there are no substitutes, so we miss school. They play 2 sports here, soccer and volleyball, and that’s it, other than that it is quite limited. No football, no baseball, no track & field, which it is frustrating because those are the things I actually like to

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