Why Should Kids Earn An Allowance Essay

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Looking around, you can find young kids with better phones and more expensive clothes than many adults. It’s a tough thing to deal with when your kids don’t understand why they can’t have the same things as their classmates. Sometimes it’s even worse when they do understand why! My kids were always so understanding, as I never hide things like finances from them. Yet this compassion and understanding always made me want to give them those things even more since I knew they deserved the best. As a single mom, money isn’t always readily available to give your children. Some paychecks you may have the money and other times you may not. Those of us that get paid once a month sometimes find ourselves completely broke before payday comes around again. I decided to look into what…show more content…
You can decide how much your children will earn for their chores and then create something like a checkbook. This could be a sheet of paper or something similar. As you pay them, write the amount on the sheet and when they want to buy something you subtract it from their total. This works well for those moms who don’t have the money all the time but still want to pay their children an allowance. You can let them know ahead of time they will need to give you a bit of a warning that they want something so that you can work it into the budget. When payday rolls around, you buy the item and everyone is happy. I thought this would be really good for those kids who are always wanting to order things online. Mine have learned about Ebay and like to bid for items on there to get a better deal than if we bought them brand new at a local store. Rather than them having to give me the money and I deposit it, the money stays in my account even though it’s theirs. Some kids may want to have money in hand and that’s fine. When they make a “withdrawal” just subtract it from their total just as you would do if you pulled money from your checking

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