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Three good workouts on the treadmill Let us use that you can control the speed of the treadmill exactly! Here, three examples of more advanced bands are ideal for treadmill workout. 500-meter-jo-jo Start by heating for 10 minutes, maybe a little stretching before it's time to tighten the belt again. The basis of this exercise is to switch between maximum speed and a slower pace. The trick here is to find such a rapid peace momentum möjigt. Anyone who has an eye on its threshold speed can count on it. If you do not have an eye on the threshold speed decreases the speed by 20-30 seconds per kilometer. It runs five tranquil and five quick 500 meters. A total of 5000 meters. Examples of training for runners who run the mile in 40 minutes…show more content…
Comment This session is perfect for getting up to speed and gives a good cardio workout and lactic acid training. In the slightly higher speed should be at near max and it is considerably hard. In the lower speed should therefore have time to recover. The fierce bidding and the already well-trained runner can happily run the exercise twice. So do it twice. However, one should take a setvila between rounds of 5-10 minutes. Speed-ladder Start with a proper warm up for 10-15 minutes. Then it's time for the session that is intervals in the form of what is commonly called ladder. Here you can choose to run on time or at a distance. In this example, we drive the steps in half an hour where we screw up speed every five minutes. Here you have to start from the last five minutes of speed when you start. Examples of training for runners who run the mile in 40 minutes Målfarten - the speed of the last five minutes is 4.00 min / km. The steps start at 4.25 min / km, gradually increasing speed every five minutes to: 4.20 min / km 4.15 min / km 4.10 min / km 4:05 min / km 4:00 min km. Examples of training for runners who run the mile in 40

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