Disadvantages Of The American Revolution

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People are driven by their beliefs and other influences, negative pressure from a certain party can force people to separate and revolt. In every form or type of government something is going to be off balance and will make people want to revolutionize and change the system. Its human nature to want a change if they feel like their right are being violated. For instance the americans, french and some latin americans were forced to revolutionize their government for their own good. During the American Revolution, Britan, also know as the mother country began placing taxes on the thirteen colonies located in the new world. At the time Britan faced a huge debt due to the war and its only source of revenue was the colonies. They placed taxes on shipments of manufactured goods derived from the mother country such as tea, and paper. These acts imposed by parliament made the colonies furious. The colonie’s goal was to have a say in their government and also end mercantalism which only helped the mother country. The colonies created an Olvie Branch Petition to try to make peace and to help the king realize what the colonies thougths about the issue were. The petition was directly addresed to King George lll, but he imediately dismissed it. The kings behavior angered the colonies but…show more content…
Durning the American Revolution, the poeple of the new world did try to reach an ageement with the mother country through the Olive Branch Petition, but the other revolutions didnt try to make peace first. The French Revolution was not as succesful compared to the other revolutions since they did struggle to maintain one form of government. Colonistis from Haiti were forced to move and work there without any kind of pay or say to what happens with the government. Compared to American colonies which moved there to create a better living by their own
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