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Women have, for the most part been considered inferior to men. Similar is in the case of art. Although this may be termed as a misconception by some, it can be articulated by the fact that a majority - if not all - of the well known artists are men. By dwelling further into the realm of art and taking references from Linda Nochlin’s “Why are there no great women artists” and Rozsika Parker and Griselda Pollock’s “Crafty Women and the Hierarchy of the Arts”, including other scholarly texts, I will attempt to unearth the reasons for the dearth of women in the arts and how society has played a major role in denying women opportunities to present, portray and study art, thus undermining their potential. Looking in depth into the works of art produced…show more content…
“Greatness”, is a comparative phrase and there is very little recognition for women when put along with male artists. This again, all comes down to the social order that was prevalent during those times. Another noteworthy reason for the lack of women artists is that soon after embarking on their career, they often got married and had children which prohibited them from turning professionals in this field. While analyzing the works of women in the field of art, it becomes obvious that it was their upbringing and nobility that contributed to them choosing art as their primary field of occupation. It was considered autocratic to have a woman in the family who was an artist. Women artists in that period were mostly from wealthy families or daughters of artists, who could get their essential training from their fathers. Further, women were not eligible for lengthy training in anatomy, or any of the mainstream forms of art. They developed their skills in other forms of art more quickly than men. They virtually monopolized some forms of art, namely, ballet dancing and embroidery. This is attributed to the family-oriented life that women lived. They practiced embroidery mainly for its utilitarian purpose as house makers without and professional

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