The Boston Tea Party

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An armed conflict between the American colonies and Britain was the basis for the American Revolution. The battles fought between the two were for the independence of the colonies. Radically, America was breaking away from the past and moving on towards the future of liberty and freedom. On the conservative side, the colonies were trying to protect their status quo from the British. All together, the American Revolution represented the idea of freedom through the radical and conservative changes brought upon by the Americans and the British. The Revolution became one of the most well known wars in history. The conflict between the British and the Americans arose from growing tensions. The colonial government in America represented the British, and so Britain wanted to make sure that they still had full control over the colonies. Even though the Americans were in charge…show more content…
To be able to depart away from being "British" colonies, a full on war had to break out. America, being at a disadvantage for having less experience in fighting, needed to form allies with the French, who were enemies of the British, to be able to win. They were able to accomplish this act, but not until after a bunch of protests and petitions went haywire. The Boston Tea Party was one of the most major acts of rebellion when the taxes were brought upon the colonists. Resisting to pay the tea taxes and other tariffs angered the British greatly, and so the Mother country decided to take further action. To stop a full on war, the Olive Branch Petition was made. It stated that America was loyal to Great Britain and entreated the king to prevent further conflict. This ultimately failed for King George III never even looked at it. Battles were fought, but because the French were now American allies, the colonies won. This radical change allowed the Americans to gain their own independence and to break away from their Mother

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