Fly Young Red Gay Bar Scene Analysis

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The gay community can be looked at in many different ways, because it is a minority it is hard for most people to be able to fully wrap their minds around the idea of the community. Pop culture tries to explain small aspects of the community in different ways, however getting a full picture is often very difficult. With any community, unless you are fully submersed in its culture it is hard to be able to fully understand it. One of the ways many people try to understand the culture is by looking at the gay bar scene. This can be a dangerous thing to do with any culture because it is just one aspect of the culture. Along with it only being one aspect it does not get a very good poll of gay people. As with any community, not everyone enjoys going to the bars, such as in Platteville, one would not go down to Second Street to understand the people who live in the city, however, to observe those who go to the bar. The gay bar scene while it does not show a very good depiction of the gay community it…show more content…
In an interview he was quoted that “I like gay guys, so I made a song for gay guys to enjoy and dance to. I made it to play at gay clubs. I never wanted this song on the radio at all.” He never expected his song to be noticed by people who were not part of the gay bar scene, but when it did they were angry in the song. He is trying to beat a stereotype of a gay, black rap artist. He also explains in the interview that he only made the music video so that his song can be played in the bar with a video, because most have screens to play on. His song also goes off a stereotype of who goes to gay bars. In his video he only uses thin, young men showing that only certain people go to the gay

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