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If you want to escape from the busy and bustling city life, Mai Chau should be one of your top choices. About 140 km from Hanoi, this destination promises to bring you both peaceful and thrilling experiences in your travel to Vietnam. Our post today will guide you through this wonderful land. Things to do and see in Mai Chau After about 3 hours traveling, you will arrive in Mai Chau and immediately notice the magnificent landscape of the mountainous area. Here, you will visit the local village to learn about the culture and customs. The friendly villagers are always happy to answer your questions about their lives, especially when you show your appreciation to the village. If you have a tour guide, then communication will be much more smooth and interesting. Friendly Local People Local markets such as Muong and Pa…show more content…
Before dinner, you will gather to watch the authentic and elegant dance of ethnic group. Visitors can contemplate the traditional costumes of villagers and also join in the exciting events or drink the tasty rice wine. After that, you will be served with delicious meal prepared by local and enjoy the night together with your group. Tourists Enjoying Rice Wine Festivals in Mai Chau Since Mai Chau is the home of some ethnic groups in Vietnam, there are several unique festivals in local village. The first notable one is Xen Muong festival in Muong Village which is held on 8th of the first month in Lunar Calendar. This festival was created to worship the tutelary deity of the village and their ancestors. Thai people set up various games and activities including singing, dancing, contests and so on. Villagers Watching the Festival Praying for rain Festival is also a well-known one of the Thai ethnic communities. On the 1st and 28th of April, according to Lunar Calendar, local people will sing and pray for rain before the upcoming dry season. Praying for

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