Disadvantages Of Corruption

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Since ancient times, power and corruption have been inseparable. Throughout history, along with the evolution of the state, corruption has evolved. If at the dawn of the formation of statehood the payment to a priest, leader or military leader for personal treatment of their assistance was considered as a universal rule, then later, with the complication of the state apparatus, professional officials began to receive officially only fixed income - which meant the transfer of bribes to the shadow economy. The world changed, and the scale of corruption changed. Globalization and the establishment of the world economy have allowed corruption to reach the international level and become one of the most massive and dangerous phenomena of our time…show more content…
This play is associated with the advantages that are legally in the arsenal of the political subject and act as secret or obvious temptations. Therefore, it is very common to treat corruption as "an act committed with the intention of providing some advantage incompatible with the official duties of an official who unlawfully and illegitimately uses his position or status to extract any advantage for himself or another person for purposes contrary to duties and the rights of…show more content…
The specificity of the political reality of a developing society consists in complicating the social structure and in bringing new social, economic and property groups to the forefront. The legal practice of a democratic state does not allow the possibility to legitimize the advantages of some, financially strong public entities, to the detriment of others - economically insolvent. The mere fact of such social disharmony is an undeniable fact of transitional systems. And only corrupt deals are able to level out the discrepancy between legal norms that are detached from real life conditions and established behavioral models in society. Thus, the deviant essence of corruption is denied, and it acts as a natural result of political and legal conflicts. But the process of progress towards social denial of political corruption is complicated by the fact that a whole series of corrupt acts on the higher levels of power with time cease to be perceived not only as unlawful, but also as immoral, often remaining exactly

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