Power In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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There are many ways to gain power, and that some ways work more than others. Having power can be a good thing and be catastrophic too. There are benefits and also disadvantages of power and can influence action of people Jack gains his power by creating fear, using violence and intimidation. Ralph’s gained his power in a different way, by using democracy and his logic to gain power. Jack gains his power by using fear, violence and intimidation. Fear, violence and intimidation will cause others to respect and obey you. Jack hits one of the characters, Wilfred, for no purpose. In my eye that makes him a tyrant and shows how little sympathy he has for him. It may not cause them to like you, but they will admire and be afraid of you. Jack uses his power for his own benefit. He uses it to become more powerful. He even makes Ralph become a part of his group. Jack uses, violence, insults and provokes to keep his power. Jack thinks short term. He doesn’t think about the future like Ralph does. Jack uses the boys’ fear of the beast, as an advantage of his power. He made it seem like he was going to…show more content…
Ralphs power is used for the benefit of everybody. He wants to make a civilized society instead of savagery. The boys chose Ralph because he is willing to do anything for them. One power that Ralph has is the conch. He uses the conch to gather the group. Whenever someone is holding the conch everyone must be quiet. On page 32, “Ralph waved the conch”. He waved the conch because everybody was talking out of control, and when he waved it everyone got quiet. Ralph uses his power wisely and thinks long team. Ralph loses some of his power to jack. In the book, it says that jack was talking about killing the beast, so everyone in the group followed him and left Ralph. That makes Ralph feel as if he is losing his power. Jack said,” the rules, you are breaking the rules” (Page 98). They are not respecting and listening to his
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