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Hamad Al Ahmad Extended Response Question Discuss the role that one cultural dimension may have on behaviour. Cultural Dimension is described as the effects of a society within the culture on the values of its members, and how these values relate to behaviour. Hofstede, the researcher who has acknowledged and the reason why we are introduced to cultural dimensions, carried out his theory by asking employees of the multinational company IBM to fill in surveys about morale in the workplace. Based on the response he has gotten, he focused on the differences in the responses he got from the employees in different countries. One of the cultural dimensions that were discovered was the individualism vs. collectivism (I-C). Cultural dimensions…show more content…
Berry’s sample was made of Temne farmers and Inuits that specialise in hunting and fishing. Temne is considered to be a collectivistic culture, while Inuits were considered an individualistic culture in this study. Each individual from the two cultures, were given nine lines, (as it was based off of Asch’s experiment) to which they had to match the lines with another set of lines. The instructions were read in their own language to avoid any confusion. They made sure the instructions were understood, as they had multiple trials. After a couple of trials, the researcher would say to the participant that the most people from the participants culture chose this answer instead of the other, to see if he would conform or not. The results showed that the Temne participants were more likely to conform, if the research stated that people in his culture chose that answer. Berry’s study on conformity showed that I-C has an affect on people’s behaviour, where it showed that if you were born in an individualistic culture, you’re more likely to not conform and stick to your beliefs, than if you were raised in an collectivistic culture, your culture would influence your mindset, based on the in-group you live in. As seen here, with the Temne Farmers conforming to the “chosen

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