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1. Nowadays, people everywhere are surrounded by digital media and it has become a staple in our lives. It has definitely become a part of my life as well, though I know that I use one type of digital media more often than others. The award for most frequently used digital media in my book would go to videos, specifically those uploaded by the famous on YouTube. Like most other kids my age, I frequently visit the website YouTube whenever I am bored to watch my favorite people, whether it is gameplay with funny commentary or vlogs (video blogs) on the happenings that occur in their everyday lives. More importantly, I go on YouTube and watch videos to see what is new and what's the current trend, such as the Whip and Nae Nae or to see someone play the release of a long awaited game. Either way, at this point I have become so accustomed to watching these…show more content…
On the other hand, there is a particular type of digital media that I use less, the podcast. Though I do take great pleasure in watching regular videos, it is very rare for me to listen to a podcast because most of the time the person who hosts the podcast hosts it on a different website, often times where the website requires an account to watch the podcast. That would also be the reason why I don't often watch live-streams, with the exceptions being those that are held on YouTube. 2. Living in a digital world with new technology coming out on a daily basis has many upsides, but it does have downsides as well. A very uplifting upside would be how the digital world revolutionized how people work, which definitely applies to more than just teachers, students, and professionals. For example, typing in applications such as Microsoft Word and Google Documents has made planning and writing much

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