Nursery Rhymes: A Poem Analysis

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When I was young, my mother read to me. I had stacks of books; I had more books than I had toys. The bookcase was filled with nursery rhymes, poems, and fables that slowly overtook the mystery novels my mother read and the National Geographic material my father enjoyed. I began reading them for myself the year I turned two. Some of my favorite nursery rhymes I am still able to recite verbatim. This early love of reading was the catalyst to my mental development. It made me curious, taught me how to ask questions, and made me want to read everything I could get my hands on. This has led me to hold interest in careers like writing, teaching, interpreting, and other humanities based fields. While my interests have broadened over time to encompass…show more content…
This shook my family, saw us drowning in our own personal Katrina, left us to try to sift through the rubble of a broken home. That was the first time I remember seeing my mother cry. It was then when I learned how to be strong, how to hold her hand and smile at her, dry-eyed, and tell her it was going to be alright. I learned a lot that year. How to cook. How to really clean. How to offer my little sister support because our mother wasn’t there, even though I never got any myself. I also learned time management and study skills, because, while the material never challenged me, I was aware that if I were to fall behind, I’d have no help getting caught back…show more content…
It was a healthy dose of “No matter how good you are, there’s always someone better” that really hit home. While an intelligence test in of itself did not hold much value, the program that it gave me access to did. The test placed me in the TREK program where the kids were able to take classes like drafting, geology, stocks and finances, and multiple others that I never knew existed. Being able to participate in those classes expanded my palette and opened up paths for me that I would never have found on my own, especially those in the more technical

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