Differences Between The Giver Book And Movie

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The society in The Giver is very different from our current society. Both the book and the movie did an excellent job illustrating the advantages and disadvantages of living in a completely controlled environment. Although there are many similarities between the book and the movie, I found the differences to be most interesting. Let’s start with some of the things that were the same between the movie and the book. Both the movie and the book had the same setting, time period, and characters. The overall theme of government control was also the same. The book made it very clear that the characters could not see in color and most of the movie was filmed in black and white. In the book and the movie the city they lived in was advanced in technology. There was a monitoring system that allowed the leaders to see everything and a speaker system that the leaders used to communicate with the people in the community.…show more content…
Jonas (the main character) was given the same job but his friends Asher and Fiona were given completely different jobs in the movie. In the book, Asher was the Director of Recreation and in the movie he was a Drone Pilot. In the book, Fiona was a Caretaker of the Old and in the movie she was a Nurturer. The leaders of the society controlled the people by giving them medicine to remove feelings, emotion, and color. In the book, the medicine was a pill and in the movie the medicine was a vaccination. In the book people took the pill, but in the movie there was a machine that vaccinated the people as they left their

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