Dystopian Themes In Brave New World

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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley published in 1932 explores issues that have been present since the day the book has been published, including Genetic Engineering and class struggles. Set in ‘the world state’ follows the story of a community who lives in separation by chemical treatment of embryos to ensure everyone a certain class. They live in 5 castes from the Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, to the Epsilons. Unlike todays society these castes are created at birth, when they are created in test tubes. The key significance of this book is the issues explored of genetic engineering and class struggles. As mentioned before dystopian novels act as an escapist, preparatory piece of literature. Through the discussion of the issue of castes it has…show more content…
This movie follows a society that lives in two different “sections”, the people and the donors. The donor’s work is to extend the humans life span for over 100 years. The movie starts with a break through announcement of 1952 announcing the discovery. Said by Times that the novel was “The best novel of the decade”. Kathy the main character further narrates the film. Just as the other texts through the centaury’s it has adapted to fit todays society for the insurance of the development of the genre. The described setting in older texts is pictured differently than this film was shown. In 1996 the first sheep was cloned. The novel of this movie came out in 2005. Not only is the genre adapting its setting and characters to maintain the interest of the novel but it is using current ‘issues’ in the world as a way for the reader to connect to it. Through the progress of this genre the film has been able to maintain the defining features of a dystopian text. In this film the controlling oppressive government and the acceptance of freethinking within the society have become one. The government in this story isn’t as prominent and totalitarian; instead the oppressive ways come from what the people have been told. They know nothing else than what has been told to them. The government’s power comes from the selective information told to the people. For example in the film, young Kathy truly believes that if she passes…show more content…
People usually assume that the topics discussed in dystopian fiction are un-realistic and often relate it to sci-fi. This is what makes the genre special by writing about situations that are realistic for our world and have happened. There is a big distinction between sci-fi and dystopian fiction. Dystopian fiction allows us to discuss about issues in the society, sometimes before they happen and often they are brought to another extreme to push the need for a solution for current problems. By imagining all these extremes it lights discussion in our society, which leads to improvement. The value of something differs for all people; in literature the originality make it valuable. By discussing opening topics that may not be opened by other genres it is adding value to literature because it is something original. Each text in a genre is valuable because they are what make the genre. Each new dystopian fiction novel is progressive for the genre because it is exploring new issues through new perspectives using the known features of it. Through these texts I have taken notice that as the genre has progressed the focus of the totalitarian in the older books has changed to the focus more on the appearance of the unknown. Each text is teaching us

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