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Menopause signs and natural home remedies Menopause marks the end of menstruation and a woman’s reproductive years. It tends to happen around ages 50-51, but some women can experience it as early as late 20s. Menopause is triggered when your body begins to react to declining levels of estrogen and other hormones. Stages of Menopause There are three stages of menopause. Perimenopause: The time before menopause when periods become irregular. It starts usually in the 40s. This period can last 2 to 15 years. Menopause: When menstruation period ceases for at least 12 months. Post menopause: Your menopause symptoms begin to reduce. Menopause signs and symptoms There are many symptoms of menopause. The main ones includeirregular periods, hot flashes, and disturbed sleep. Others are night sweat, dry skin, weak…show more content…
Chasteberry reverses changes in female private part Chasteberry can reverse vaginal changes and promote intimate pleasure. It can also relieve many of the menopause signs and symptoms. Use the herb in tincture form as recommended on container. It is available in health food stores under the name “vitex”. Or, you may take 160-240 mg of an 0.6 percent aucubin extract daily. Frequent urination during menopause Get a handful of parsley, wash and crush them, and pour 2 glasses of boiling water over them. Cover, and let it sit for 3 hours. Filter, and drink the liquid 3 times a day to control urination. Diet tips and weight loss during menopause Weight gain is one of the major menopause signs that affect women. Women metabolize foods in a different manner than men. Women store carbohydrates as fat in order to procreate in the time of starvation. Men use carbohydrates for energy. Changes in estrogen levels of women, as they grow older, could also affect the diet differences, making room for weight gain. Eat about 6 smaller meals scattered through out the day. Limit the calories in each meal to

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