Analyzing Allegra's Verbal Irony

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Allegra was only 15 when she lost everyone she had. She only had three chances to fix everything, but nothing worked out the way she wanted. At least she got to be with her mom in the end, even though she got her life taken away from her. She deserved so much more than what the talisman had to offer. Key: Irony 1.The name Allegra means happy and joyful, however nothing in Allegra’s life was neither happy or joyful. (Verbal irony) 2. Passing the jewelry store; because jewelry is what she found left of her mother.(Situational irony) 3. The stranger, Mark, ended up being her friend and ended up being the killer of Allegra’s mother. (Situational irony) 4. When she wished her dad good luck for the job interview but he died on his way

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