The Giver Book Vs Movie

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The definition of a Utopia is quite simple. “An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.” It’s always fun to imagine the perfect way of things, but because they are imagined, there is no reality to them at all. This in return creates the dystopian society we know today as “a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression,disease, and overcrowding,” ( The book, The Giver , is about a Utopian society where we meet Jonas, an 11 year old boy, approaching the age of 12 and graduation into the real world where he will be given the job that he will have for the rest of his adult life. The elders are a council that take the positions of government, law enforcement, and hold all power over the…show more content…
But within the purpose of each, those minor differences make a huge difference. By changing Jonas’s age from 12, what it is in the book, to 18, like it is in the movie, they created a more realistic feel of the graduation, getting pushed into the real world and starting their jobs. However, by changing the age, they changed the audience, making the younger audience it was intended for view the problem as something that would never happen to them. the age difference alone is enough to change one’s entire perspective on The Giver. Because of this age change, the producers of the movie decided there was something else they needed on screen to make the movie successful: Romance. In today's society, you can’t have a successful movie without a love story. However, this love story effected the entire purpose of the characters. while in the book, Fiona is a very minor character, she became a huge role in the movie and became a reason for Jonas to break more rules and get her in trouble. In fact, his two best friends, Asher and Fiona, both play very small roles in the book. Mainly, their presence is strictly to enhance Jonas’s character development at the end. The movie, however, uses those two characters in a much bigger way, like when Jonas asks Fiona and asher to sled with him but asher says no because he wants to seem like he is growing up and the bigger person, but Fiona says yes because she enjoys making Jonas

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