Differences Between China And India

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2.1 Gave the people a moral code to live by and made kings more “divine”. 2.1.I Through the moral code, which people with similar morals bonded because of it. 2.1.I.A Monotheism (one god, Yahweh) 2.1.I.B Reincarnation (Brahman) and the caste system 2.1.II Universal religions spread easily and had universal truths that could apply to anyone. Spread to Rome, India, and China 2.1.II.A Buddhism didn’t see differences between social classes (appealed to members of the lower classes) 2.1.II.E Observance, logic, and hierarchy 2.1.III Encouraged a social hierarchy where men were superior to women 2.1.IV Ancestor veneration (China), Animism, and Shamanism 2.1.IV.A They were scared that nature could decide their life of death and often connected gods/deities to natural things.
 2.1.IV.B It was believed that ancestors would watch over their living families in return for food and homage.…show more content…
2.1.V.A Greek tragedy plays and Indian epic poems. 2.1.V.B Tradition affected different societies architectural styles. 2.1.V.C The merging of beliefs, religions, and cultures and the development of distinct architecture and literature. 2.2: THE DEVELOPMENT OF STATES AND EMPIRES 2.2 An empire is a large area of land usually ruled by an emperor. Common characteristics are a powerful military, strong economy, and administrative
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