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We Need “Moore” Quotes The New York Times bestselling memoir, Discovering Wes Moore by Wes Moore is bursting at the seams with messages about life. My first quote is about work ethic and why it is important to be surrounded by supporting people. “Hard work is essential, but you also need people around you that believe you can make it. Otherwise, if you don’t think you can succeed, what would you bother working for?” (Moore 101). This quote means a lot to me because my family has raised me with a hardworking mentality. Working hard in school has earned me highest honor roll. It was difficult, though, to get to this point. Last year, I was struggling with slope, my least favorite topic in math. My mother helped me after school that day…show more content…
“I think above all, we are shaped by our expectations,” (Moore 140). Being the youngest child in my family, I have been expected to follow in my older sister’s shoes. She has set the bar high for expectations and I sometimes feel extra motivated to do even better than her. When I entered seventh grade and was going to try out for \a soccer team, my goal was to get on the third team out of five, the team that my sister had gotten on when she tried out in seventh grade, or higher. At tryouts, I worked my butt off, sprinting and attacking the ball. It fell like years until I received my evaluation. When I finally got it, I was on the team my sister had gotten on! Another connection I felt with Wes Moore’s quote about expectations was also about soccer, the sport my life revolves around. Strangers who did not even know me, judge my ability to play soccer by my size. My family always believed in me but people who don’t know me sometimes judge me only by my size, even my opponents. This expectation was negative, but it shaped me in a positive way because it has made me more motivated. As my coach says before every game, “Tap into any type of emotion that will motivate you. If someone has a negative expectation about you, prove them

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