Skeletal Muscle Compare And Contrast

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Skeletal muscles are tightly bound together compared to cardiac muscles , whereas cardiac muscles are shorter than those of a skeletal muscle. Endomysium and mitochondria within cardiac muscles is denser than in skeletal muscles, the skeletal tissue experiences fatigue if they have to contract for a long time yet the cardiac muscle never does. The skeletal muscles contain two types of fibres and the type of fibre present is dependant upon what kind of exercise you do, red fibres contain mitochondria to store oxygen and protein within the body. The cardiac muscle has rapid contractions and is a uninucleated cell yet the skeletal muscle experiences very rapid contractions followed by sudden fatigue and it is a multinucleated cell. The skeletal muscle tissue is sometimes known as striated due to its stripy, unique appearance. The skeletal muscle generates heat through muscle activity, this is crucial to keep a good bodily temperature. Cardiac muscle is highly resistant to tiredness due to…show more content…
Within a part of the skeletal muscle it will be enclosed in a thin layer of connective tissue named the epimysium, this is balanced inwards so that the smaller bundles of fasciculi can be surrounded. These fasciculi are tiny bundles of lengthened, tubular muscle cells. The nuclei have an oval shape to them and are found at the periphery of the cell which is located just under the elastic membrane. The sarcoplasm has various changing bands with light and dark shades, giving the fibre its striped appearance. With a microscope you can see the detail of this tissue and that each subunit consists of myofibrils, the myosin filaments are the dark band yet the actin filaments make up the light bands. The myofibrils are arranged in an alternating pattern which is also known as a

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